E-Compliance Suite:

Our health workers use this system to verify patient attendance and prevent the development of drug resistant TB strains by using low-cost tablets connected to a fingerprint reader. This verifies patient attendance and digitizes attendance records that are then sent to a central server and alert patients and health workers whenever a scheduled dose is missed.

ecompliance model


Benefits:DSC_8371-4 copy

  1. Elimination of human error
  2. Transparency in accounting and supervision
  3. Digitization of records
  4. Increases productivity and reduces manpower costs



The cost of hardware and installation for each eCompliance unit is estimated at $222 for an 18 month lifespan, and the tablets normally last longer than that. Internet connection, maintenance, and troubleshooting is $276 for the 18 months,bringing the total cost to $498. Based on actual patient load in OpASHA, the cost of treating each patient for DST/normal TB thus is $14.



eCompliance has been rolled out for nearly 9000 TB patients so far in India, Cambodia, Uganda, Dominican Republic and Kenya. It has already recorded over 400,000 transactions. Nearly 185 eCompliance units are now functional.

Replication of eCompliance in Uganda was done by Columbia University, Earth Institute, and the Millennium Villages. Results are “a staggering improvement” writes Professor Yanis Ben Amor. In India also, the results are amazing, with reduction in default rate by 12 times compared to the figure reported by a WHO consultant in India.

An exhaustive study of perception of all the stakeholders including health workers and supervisors was carried out in India by Operation ASHA and Microsoft Research proving how easily accepted the technology is.

The success of eCompliance (which was built with initial support from Microsoft Research) and EMR were tweeted by none other than Bill Gates in December 2012.

Proper use of eCompliance improves adherence, reduces default in TB treatment, improves treatment success rate, and reduces cost for financial sustainability. A win-win situation for all!

e-Compliance works

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