Treatment Centers

  • Low default rate of less than 3% in TB treatment compared to 32% in a triangulation study in India
  • Treatment success rate of up to 87%
  • OpASHA increases detection rate of TB by 50-400% within 6-18 months of starting work in any area
  • Treated over 54,143 patients of normal/DST-TB, 135 patients of MDR-TB, and one patient of XXDR/TDR-TB
  • 110 Hemophilia patients detected and started on treatment
  • 24 Female TB patients were provided vocational training to prevent them from being abandoned by families
  • Jobs of 6 TB patients saved by providing counseling to employers
  • Distribution of 5.5 tonnes of non-perishable food to TB patients and their families





  • 600 people have been screened for mental health issues
  • 10,000 TB patients were tested for diabetes. Those testing positive have been linked with physicians and trained professionals
  • Through partnerships, OpASHA provides high quality drinking water, reading glasses, micro-accident insurance and financial services at affordable prices to many communities.
  • OpASHA has distributed millions of analgesic, antacid, antiemetic, iron & calcium tablets.
  • OpASHA has also distributed condoms, Oral Rehydration Salt, protein supplements, 5 tons of food and 4000 blankets.

Paul Breloff

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