September 2013: Dr. Shelly Batra, President, Operation ASHA participated at online conversation of Striking Poverty on ICT innovations for enhancing Access to Medicines. 


Striking Poverty presents conversations about problems related to poverty and development, each with a specific “lens” or way of looking at innovations that address the issue. In the seventh conversation, the problem was “Access to Medicines,” and the lens was “ICT innovations.” It was a three-week, online conversation among three leading innovators:  Mandy Sugrue of mHealth AllianceDr. Shelly Batra of Operation Asha, and Dr John Munyu of KEMSA.


Each expert shared their innovative approaches to ensuring Access to Medicines.
Mandy Sugrue of mHealth Alliance shared a public-private partnership mPowering Frontline Healthworkers designed to improve child health by accelerating the use of mobile technology by millions of health workers in low-resource and rural communities.


Dr. Shelly Batra explained how eCompliance, the biometirc technology added to community empowerment, has shown outstanding results: reduced missed doses, prevention of data manipulation, digitized records, accountability and transparency, and remarkably improved the psyche of patients and health workers.


See the summary of conversation here.

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