May 21-23, 2014: Dr. Shelly Batra was invited to attend 23th World Economic Forum on East Asia.


23rd World Economic Forum on East Asia was held in Manila, Philippines. The meeting served as an ideal platform for participants to deliberate the opportunities of the ASEAN Economic Community to promote greater inclusion across East Asia and to instill more resilient decision-making in the face of unpredictable economic and natural disruptions.

In March, Dr. Shelly Batra was chosen as Social Entrepreneur of the year 2014 by Schwb Foundation and World Economic Forum.


Post the prestigious recognition she was invited to 23rd World Economic Forum on East Asia at Manila as “discussion speaker” in the conference on “Improving access to healthcare”.


Dr. Shelly Batra, spoke about Operation ASHA’s innovative low cost model. She talked about how eCompliance can be replicated to ensure the adherence of treatment in any of the diseases. Discussions fetched lot of attention and delegates were curious to know more about Operation ASHA.

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